Product Applications

Rechargeable batteries

Nickel hydroxide, composite nickel hydroxide, nickel nitrate, cobalt nitrate, cadmium nitrate, zinc nitrate
Active materials and additives for nickel cadmium batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cell batteries, and other types of rechargeable batteries used for cell phones, electric tools, digital cameras, and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)/electric vehicles (EVs), etc.

Surface treatments

Cobalt sulfate, cobalt nitrate, nickel nitrate, nickel sulfate, nickel hydroxide, nickel acetate
Raw materials of chemicals used for plating and surface treatment of steel sheets used in home electronics and automobiles; and copper foils, resins, ceramics, and other materials for aluminum circuit boards and printed circuit boards


Cobalt nitrate, nickel nitrate, zinc nitrate, copper nitrate, magnesium acetate, cobalt acetate
Used in polymerization catalysts for synthetic resins and synthetic fibers; reaction catalysts for petrochemical products (hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, oxidation); refinery catalysts (desulfurization, reforming); catalysts for synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates; and environmental catalysts (exhaust gas purification, gas purification, denitration), etc.

Electronic materials

Cobalt sulfate, nickel nitrate, zinc nitrate, copper nitrate
Raw materials and processing agents for electronic components of smart devices, etc., ceramics, conductive materials, insulation materials, magnetic materials, etc.


Nickel nitrate, cobalt nitrate, nickel carbonate
Raw materials of heat-resistant/weather-resistant pigments for plastics; and coloring agents and color formers for glass and aluminum


Cobalt sulfate, cobalt carbonate, magnesium acetate
Trace minerals and nutritional additives