Environmental activities

Efforts relating to the environment

Our company is a chemical manufacturer, which is an industry considered to have a high burden on the environment, and we are aware that our day-to-day business activities certainly cause damage to the Earth's environment by producing drainage and waste materials, using energy resources, and utilizing rare metals. Facing this reality earnestly, each and every one of our employees looks at the current state of the environment of the Earth we live on and considers it to be of the utmost importance to work toward a conscious reduction of our burden on the environment both in terms of our company's social responsibility and in terms of the future development of our business activities.


To achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are committed to environmentally friendly product design, use of recycled resources, energy conservation, battery recycling, and reduction of CO2 emissions.
We have acquired the "ISO14001" certification, which is an international standard regarding structures and procedures in work relating to environmental consideration.

Efforts relating to the Green Plan Partnership project

Summary explanation of the Green Plan Partnership project (project No. 1)

Environmental Philosophy

As a company that conducts manufacturing activities using the blessings of our Earth's limited resources, we recognize that protection and improvement of the Earth's environment is one of vital issues in our management, and each employee behaves with consideration for securing and improving a sound planetary environment.

Environmental Policy

  1. We have an accurate perception of the influence which all business activities in the process of selling, developing, and manufacturing chemical products has on the environment, and we endeavor to prevent pollution while working toward continuous improvement of our environmental management system.
  2. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements which our company has agreed to.
  3. We make efforts centered around the following, working to reduce the environmental burden.
    ①Reducing the use of resources and energy such as electricity and fuel
    ②Reducing the production of waste materials
    ③Prevention of discharge of chemical substances outside the premises
  4. We endeavor to design products with environmental conservation in mind.
  5. We bring up our purposes and goals in order to achieve this environmental policy and periodically review it.
  6. We thoroughly inform all personnel regarding this environmental policy and present it openly to the public.